<![CDATA[Peter Scully - Blog]]>Thu, 22 Feb 2018 08:17:43 +1000Weebly<![CDATA[My life so far...]]>Tue, 16 Sep 2014 08:54:13 GMThttp://pscully.com/1/post/2014/09/my-life-so-far.htmlI grew up in Glen Waverley, completing my Primary School at St Leonard's and HSC (Year 12) at Mazenod College, Mulgrave. After School I joined the SECV as a Trainee Engineering Assistant, Electrical (Later termed a Technical Officer.) Upon completing this I enrolled at RMIT to study Applied Physics but an unfortunate accident forced me to defer after the first year and I never returned. I worked a number of jobs both during my tertiary education and afterwards for a while, including bar tending, Sound and Lighting for live bands and even a short stint as a security guard.
After a time I felt I needed more stable employment and after a stint as an admin assistant I found a job repairing photocopiers at Konica Ubix. This only lasted about six months when I was laid off - "last on, first off."  I very quickly found a job with Rank Xerox where I received far more comprehensive training and found that my skills suited this field well and I moved on to Pitney Bowes as the tide was turning for Xerox (they became Fuji Xerox shortly after.)

Whilst at Pitney Bowes I took up a transfer to the Perth Office, which also gained me a promotion and pay rise and I remained with the Company for a number of years until they too decided upon a
refocusing on core product," meaning winding down the copier and fax division I worked in. I found employment with another company in Perth, Multifax, where I remained several more years until I found a better position with a company in Busselton, West Coast Office Equipment, where I would look after their "Northern Region" up to where I was now living in Rockingham.

I was again retrenched the week before Christmas 1999 and as I had still not found another position by the end of January I offered to temporarily fill in for a company in Hedland, Professional Business Equipment.  I ended up remaining with John and Helen for two years until I was offered a position in Kalgoorlie with On-Line Business Equipment. I had made friends and gotten used to the heat in Hedland, but it is not a good place for a single guy.

Whilst in Kalgoorlie I met and married my wife and was blessed with our wonderful boy, but the severe complications with the pregnancy and birth scared us. While I was very sorry to leave Warren's employ, we decided to move back to Melbourne where we have the support of my rather large family.  I obtained employment as Service Manager with Grundig Dictation Equipment, as technicians are not well paid here, have little opportunity for advancement, and I needed more of a challenge than the technology at the time could offer.  This turned into quite a challenge, as my predecessor had run the Service Department as a separate company, used paper, cards and two-way radios to organise work for the techs, and kept financials on sheets of paper which he shredded when he left!  It took a bit of time initially to just get a picture of the state of the department, where it showed that it was running at quite a loss and was only managing that my overcharging most customers. The root cause of the "overcharging" was due to a totally unrealistic hourly rate being quoted, so the first thing I did was increase this to a more reasonable fee so I could charge customers for the time technicians spent on the job. I find it a lot easier to charge someone honestly at a higher rate than to lie and pretend it is an incredible bargain!

The next step was to rationalise the call handling and parts ordering, which I did using Access database. The technicians didn't even mind helping me inventorise the parts when they understood the value of being able to track stock levels and order sufficient stock before we ran out.  I also created a call handling system which kept histories on all the customers and machines with separate job descriptions for the customer invoicing and technical notes so I could search for faults and history to provide better technical support by phone and to the technicians. I arranged a web interface for call closing, but did not complete the system to allow closing by mobile phone by the time I left. I'm afraid smart phone technology left me a little behind at that point.

Whilst I enjoyed the challenges of this position and the achievements I had made, I found the hours and stress intrusive on my family life and sought other employ. This turned out to be the position of "Technical Manager" at Upsonic Power, who are a local importer/distributor of Uninterruptible Power Supplies.  I very much enjoyed the challenges of this position, from assessing specifications for large installations (3 phase up to 200kVA) and producing electrical drawings and documentation, to component level and IT troubleshooting. As a smaller company, our strength in my early days their was our flexibility in meeting customer needs and it seemed I was presented with ever more complicated and unique challenges.  Unfortunately, the company management policy was "bullying" and when this escalated to physical assault and I objected, my days were numbered.  When I took time out of my leave to attend my Mother's Funeral it seems it was the last straw, and I was sacked for making the incompetent Administration Manager "feel bad" by doing my job well!

I have taken a job with Digital Document Solutions.  The company began as a family owned business and is now the largest Sharp Dealer in Victoria, with possibly the largest range of any Copier/Printer/MFD supplier. The part that really fits me is they are determined to supply the best service and support in the industry.

So, while remuneration is typically low in this field, job satisfaction is high. The most difficult job gives the greatest satisfaction once it is resolved, and the grumpiest customer becomes pleasant when their copier/printer/scanner/fax is working perfectly again. Combine this with a company that is happy for me to spend the time and materials to make it happen and will leave me in control until it is resolved (though I have support when I need it,) and it would be the perfect job - if only it could pay the rent.

That's about all for now. I will add some more detail as it comes to mind, and start another blog on a more personal level (though I may limit access to that one, and certainly will limit comments.) I hope this is enough to start with if anyone wants to find out a little more about where I am up to these days.